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Security Solutions

offers , a total-systems approach to security that is scalable and comprehensive.


As North America's leading manufacturer in perimeter security, we provide a high degree of security at a cost-effective price to commercial, industrial, government, and institutional facilities.


Security begins at the property line and continues into the most vital areas of your facility. SecureMaster™ brings a total systems approach to security that is scalable and comprehensive, ensuring a high degree of safety at a cost competitive price.


Five Elements of an
Effective Security System

SecureMaster™'s perimeter security solutions are based on a modular approach and allow for flexibility in design and product selection. Each module encompasses a major security area. By integrating solutions for SecureBarrier, SecureDetect, SecureAccess, SecureView and SecureLight applications with command and control features, we develop systems that are scalable and customtailored for each environment.

After determining your specific needs, we can bring together the diverse products and services required to implement the solution. By simplifying and managing the supply-chain process, we ensure you receive products and installation according to your schedule. The result is a cost-effective, owner controlled security system that's individually tailored and supported by OUR TEAM of experts and technicians.

Our Products

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Welded Razor Mesh
Pipeline Track & Trace
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We perform risk and vulnerability assessments to determine your specific needs. We then design a system specific to your security requirements while simplifying and managing the supply- chain process, so you receive products and installation according to your schedule.


The result is a cost effective, owner controlled security system that is individually tailored and supported by our team of experts and technicians. From airports to military installations, power stations to prisons, utility plants to industrial facilities, properties across the globe depend on our expertise and protection.

Project Management

SecureMaster™ creates a true partnership by managing your project through all phases of its life cycle. This ensures a single point of contact and a single point of accountability.


Our project managers utilize industry recognized methods to deliver on time and on budget results for any size company. Engage SecureMaster for the entire project, for specific phases or just a single task.